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Exploration Drilling

With almost 30 year's experience in the drilling industry, we have a sound knowledge of what to expect in a vast range of locations.

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Mining Supplies &

We can source, relocate and coordinate the right equipment for any job.

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With our trusted team of experienced contractors, we can offer you people to meet your short-term goals, or alternatively we have the skills to help you recruit permanent employees to expand your own team.

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Operational Review

Sometimes, an experienced set of eyes reviewing a project can make all the difference. Our expertise working alongside some of the industry pioneers and across operations in both Australia and overseas (Brazil, Phillipines, Singapore, to name a few), enables us to confidently offer comprehensive operational reviews to our clients.

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Contract Review

We have recently been engaged to undertake reviews of contract pricing and delivery, with great results. We can also assist with writing the proposed scope of works and site inspections in preparation for upcoming work.

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About AES [About Us]

Our Vision and
Working Philosophy

Our Vision

AES was formed to assist the industry in streamlining operations and assisting you to complete your project on time and budget. AES has access to many of the industry leaders and can assist in the processes to take a program from the desk to completion. We believe the critical elements of any partnership is are developing a sound relationship and understanding of expectations. These crucial factors, if established at the beginning, are the platform for a smooth operation.

Our skills

Our knowledge and experience gives us the expertise to deliver all aspects of remote work, with over 25 years’ experience both on the ground and at management level we can offer you all the guidance you need to run a successful operation.

We can offer specialist support or advice on any of the following

  • All aspects or drilling, be it set up for remote work, gearing up a rig
  • We offer assistance to both Resource companies and drilling companies alike, we can help you pick the right company to assist you
  • Contract review, business review- you need assistance to keep track of changes, implementing change is difficult
  • remote camp set-up
  • Assistance with the logistics required to get it there
  • Skilled personal for the job
  • Clearing, getting the job ready
  • Ticking all the boxes so all involved parties understand their role
  • Assist you finding the right rig for the job

Experience and knowledge when you need it

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with us, just send us a short message and click the SEND button. We will answer your enquiry as soon as we can.

Our Services

We can assist
with all aspects of the industry

AES has over 25 years experience in the drilling industry with overseas experience including setting up. We can assist all aspects of the industry from setting up new rig’s, assisting in the logistics, camp set-up and supply, recruitment of key personal along with any other requirements. We also so have assisted the resource companies with rig selection, writing scopes of work and management of drilling programs. We have a solid desire to ensure things run smoothly and access to the resources to ensure this is the case.

  • Grade Control
  • Exploration drilling
  • Business Review
  • Water well drilling
  • Mining supplies and logistics

Our History

One for the record books

Now is the time for champions on the KCGM site. The latest team scaling the heights (or should we say the depths) to excellence is the McKay’s RC (Reverse Circulation) Rig 5. Drillers Steve Phelps (night shift) and Ronnie Hill (day shift) with supervising Geologists Angus Lacey and Colin Dell have managed to drill the Australasian record for an RC hole.

Drill hole JUGCO43‘collared tramed the western highwall above Horseshoe pit and stores (by the RAAF tanks) this was drilled to a total completed depth of 822m. The previous record best was 802m, drilled a couple of years ago, also by McKay’s at Fimiston.

The hole traversed the entire Western Iodes system (from West to East) at a depth below Horseshoe pit and successfully drilled through 5 stopes.

So how do you manage to score an Australasian record?

"It was really a collision of circumstances. Infact, the hole dropped from the designed dip, it then levelled out at approximately 450 metres and started to tilt. When plotted, it was seen that the hole would intercept all targeted ore zones." explained Geologist Colin Dell.

The event was appropriately celebrated at Judd's (McKays watering hole) With a few quiet drinks (or so The Dirt was told!)

By the way if it is you reading this who was on the winning team. the answer is yes. There were two brothers working together! KCGM Supervising geo Angus Lacey had the interesting task in watching over his younger brother Hugo (McKays) whilst drilling to victory.

My History

With almost 30 years’ experience in the drilling industry and the last 10 in Senior Management roles at McKay Drilling, Topdrill and most recently, Core drilling, I moved into a consultancy role early this year. With the core intention of the shift, to be able to give something back to the industry that has served me so well, with the added benefit of spending a little more time with my family.

With my new venture Anytime Exploration Services I believe I have contributed in a range of ways with a small contract team of experienced drill crews. Consulting to both Resource and Drilling companies alike and hope to ultimately assist in the writing of tender documents to help the process of selecting rigs and pricing more streamlined

Our Services

Complete Resource

CRS is a new venture Ronnie has undertaken with another industry specialist in Tim Wescott. Between these two there is over 60 years of knowledge at all points and methods of drilling.

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